A reality site where hot and horny sexy MILF seduce their son’s willing friends to get the hard cock they crave. My Friend’s Hot Mom has been around for over 4 years and they have worked very hard since opening their doors to the public. They make their own exclusive reality episodes which have a consistent quality across the board with hot models, good action, and a diversity of sub-niches (interracial, threesome, big tits, anal, etc).

Right now the site is home to nearly 200 video episodes but this number keeps growing every week thanks to regular updates. Each episode runs at around 30 minutes and can be downloaded in WMV, MPG or iPod (mp4) format. The WMV and MPEG quality is about the same, falling in the very good range. There are no download limits and everything is 100% exclusive which means you won’t find it anywhere else.

Each episode also comes with a decent-sized photo gallery (around 80-100 pics in each). These aren’t anything special, but their good and easy to download as a single ZIP file. They have large watermarks which may annoy some people.

The My Friend’s Hot Moms embers area is simple and clean, easily navigated. Videos or organized well and easy to browse through, and finding the scenes and models you want is easy with network-wide search functionality.

You’ll need the network-wide search because you get a healthy dose of extra sites with your membership, including the popular Bookworm Bitches and SoCalCoeds. Add it all up and you’re getting a lot of high quality content.

Overall My Friends Hot Mom is yet another fun Milf site on top of its game. Their unique reality approach to each episode is consistent and well executed, and makes them stand out in their own unique way. Some of the older videos are of lesser quality but that tends to be how it is everywhere and it isn’t something I hold against them — technology has come a long way, as has download speeds and ISP services.

I enjoyed this site and would happily recommend it to anyone who’s fantasized about fucking his friend’s hot mom or gets turned on by the idea.

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